Emergence Day

by Trag Devious

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released June 3, 2018

Lyrics by Trag Devious
Additional Lyrics by The Incredible Tall & Big Mill
Mixing, Music & Production by Mr. Backside
Artwork by Ether Pan

AR-094-CC // AR-094-DD

Spotify: spoti.fi/2Oa1W62
Apple Music: apple.co/2O8zBgm
iTunes: apple.co/2CGjFA0
Amazon: amzn.to/2PXvUvK


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Amajin Records Siegen, Germany

Artist-Run Hip-Hop Label from Siegen, Germany / est. 2011

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Track Name: Bone Masks (feat The Incredible Tall)
Trag Devious:

Two Toasters Bringing the boom Superhero Bone Masks / MF DOOM in the room Gloomy Subterranean tombs / Ghost Faceless in all places Incredible Tall / Trag Devious Like it or not you gonna respect this Super lyrical Fitness / no fancy phrases in my raps Leave you speechless / I am as simple as they come You are as simple as they run Black super villain always packing a gun THE REVOLUTION BEGUN I am a gargoyle out to get the talisman of the cyclone Arnold chwarts a nigga / have you seen Sarah Conner Where she at my Killah / Raw ass kicks and drums shine bright on a song / on the streets I stays broke as a bum THE REVOLUTION BEGUN The meek shall inherit the earth Since birth I been brought up to exhibit Allah's worth.

The Incredible Tall:

Born in Pangea, no Africans, no Europeans
Backside engineering on the Drums n Beats
No Emoji Trag Devious, know whut sober means
Urotsukidoji Tall T Over-Fiend
Walk behind the Rows, many Spaces,
You lost in Luxury, ya Xannis laced wit
Bareknuckle Fists, Tunnels in ya Faces
Back to Superstars n' multicoloured Laces
Rewinds like Dr. Steven Strange did
Whut I don't like, I rearange Kid
From where it started, look who came with
No Judas in ma Clique left, frame it
Providin, tryin to do the right Thing
Buried more than once, face always smiling
Continents collidin, write between the lines and
Storys end wit #Lightning, #Thunder #Silence
Track Name: Emergence Day
I need an intelligent way to start a rhyme Twist my blunts and puff it way fuckin high I was 6 when my poppa died Now he is surviving in the fuckin skies We never had much / but with less we was satisfied We fly now, but back then we rocked handmedowns Mommy wasn't working, we was all right with love Takes a lot to raise a good kid Thanks to the God above Palace Adidas / Botticelli kicks Knowledge of Self and determination to rise us out of the slums A little bit of education and hardwork Low stance on static / Ghost St Patrick Shape shifter What do you know about cereals at night mixed with water / what do you know about the greatest story ever told with no author? I been through it / stuck with me like a tattoo Life has been mad outta order There was nothing I could damn do I shot dices for my brothers to eat There you was thinking life was sweet I was taught to load guns at a very young age Slide the ratchet in the Backpack If its on then its on back Boom boom boom boom I guarantee that you don't want that Got tired of doing crimes / so I set back and wrote some rhymes to rise over the slums No time for doing time If it is not mine, then it's not mine Protect my family, never overstep the boundaries Humbleness lives inside of me Trag D
Track Name: D0LLA$
Came up from beneath the surface to rap again Been dead and buried for seventeen Ricochet bounce now I am back up on my feet again All the ones I came up with fell with the twin towers
Lost a couple of friends, coz I was broke and I wasn't moving Allah is most merciful / I live my life on my knees Saw things starting to shift again Remembering when I was sick / lost my screws You niggas painting me black Trag will never be good again / HAHA now I am German Engineered The return of the Headless horsemen The mic is on a chokehold Yall wishing me bad, I wish you good tenfold

Dont provoke me yalls know I am good with that life Plus my heart is mad cold Never shot a gun, but I am super cool with a knife Fuck that traplife I pump that good life kid 1989 on that D&D Jeru and Grouphome shit I cant mumble my Amigo/ flip I am tha outcome of too much Phantasm and UG spit..

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