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MinenJedi DoPe BeAtZ, DoPe Rapz, Dope ArTiStS ..every release BURNZ with FlAvA, GREAT WoRk, BigPropZ.to: Amajin Records!!! Favorite track: ▲LL.
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F▼T▼R▲ 02:32
Back from Elysion, Back from the Future Nikees on ma Feet, Triple-Six, reboot ya Cash, Money and Fame in Flames and insane, and Point Fingers on Me, try to give evil a Name, and Transformin' Bizness into pleasure Mighty Morphin', it doesn't really matter Google Rank One, Nuttin' 2 be scared of Fuck all the People, never took Care of Back from the Future, Duality, lies shadin' Spare out ya Fake Reality, Times changin' Always independant, Life's like open Scissors Blinded by Darkness, I look through the Mirror Been there, done dat, the future exists U act like Kids, neva made it on a List Ya like Cursed, downgraded n banned Dnt know where ya shit started but in the end not ma fault, Bitches rockin' beardos so many Roberts so few de Niros Burn ya house toda Ground #NoHero Blank Sheet of Paper #GroundZero Ma universe, altered n' modified, Under the bed where the monsters hide Leaves falling, hear dat Breeze blowing I can hear Flowers and trees growing Never grow up, never be machine Fam on top forever, know whut it means I trust whut I've seen neva whut I heard Perspectives between Death and Rebirth
$TR!NG$ 01:40
I grinded and never lost ma Focus U R Blinded, by lotta Hocus Pocus Grass is greener on the other side, really? I'm on my fuckin' way to it and it kills Me Burnt ma Roots, cut ma Wings Earned reboot, cut ma Strings Bohemian Grove, Religious Imunity Anger Management, Kingsmen Security Fuck this Future from your Cards Shit Beware of the Light, n Aware of the Darkness Mary J n SnowWhite, Mirrors, Faux Pas End, Blood Red, Scissors, Cauchemares Theres a Lighthouse, Fear a Tower glowing Cracked the Code, hear a Flower growing Gepetto's dead, no more plant Seeds, Manifesto carefree, the Rest I ran barefeet
▲LL 01:52
Flight Mode, KI's transfered, no calls at all Direct Message, DMT, One to rule em All No Coexistance, no reference from us Cuz two fuckin' Minus still make a Plus Clik Clak, No Parole, all of the Lights Bohemian Grove, jus owls, #KobraKai No Details missing, I took care of em all Cauchemares, neva been scared of at all All Filler, Solvent over Powder #BitterShit All Killer, spare out the End #Fullfillin' it Gates of Hell, Deja Vu, appearin since Sunz of Bitches like U, dreamt of beein Kingz Ur expected Funeral, turned into a Mess God has left the building, spare ya bless No fuckin' Fill ins, Words are Manifests Where a minute is a minute #Audio-Cassettes
H0M3 01:55
Versed in the dark arts, Contracts, Mystics paint ma Verses in oil, abstract and crytic Fuck ya Dreams, U neva really got it made Bathory Scyfes in ma Hands, better behave Fuck ya Memes, worthless like ya Selfies Les Femmes d'Algier, look, still wealthy Ya Insta-Biznezz, dimishing returns Guess whut, cash stays paper and it burns Hammer-Time in dat fuckin' China Lounge Grams n Ki's, Powder don't get whiter now Hydrofluoric Acid plus You is Chemistry Dis the Summer of SixtyNine Cemetries Triple Six Carat, fuck ya whole crew ya I funded Hades, called it Paradise, #Beluga Dark Clouds, Burnin' Walls, Fuck the Throne Harsh Doubts, You call it Hell, I call it Home
CL!K 01:50
Cared more or less, just a Matter of Facts Goats are a mess, when the triple six reflects High Times, Face-Rearangin' amazing Wildlife, No Cages, Ma Team's Amajin Once 4 all, for real, fuckin bored of steals Real-Life-Bets on a fuckin' Fortune-Wheel Meanin' Stalk Hype, guardians of dat Core Leavin' Chalk White, Outlines on dat Floor No surrender to the Law, Center of the Storm walk behind the rows, Pas Gentil, not conform Ya goin' down in Flames? Call it Hell cuz Whut the damn Fuck, you Fucks want to tell us YouSuck, Purp Nightmares, Day One German engineering wit ma Breakdrums Never Regulatin', it's a Family Thing Six Years, Amajin ova everything
666 01:59
Built Masterpieces, fixed Prototypes Stop Bitchin', Fall off Trains, Hobo like Synonyms secure, whut safe n pure is Rituals, burnin' Piramids, Boom Kids BlaBla, mentionin, whut ya crew did Jaja, Tower of Bable is whut ma crew did Ya Artists r sick of U cuz ya greedy If it bleeds we can kill it #BelieveMe Call it Madness, triple-six Distri All these fucks get muted now, Rest is History Clear n fuckin Pure, Alice Dreams Remedy, Cure, Malice, Mescaline De- and Reconstruct You all in a Minute Le Monde est à vous, push it to dat Limit Attack on Titan, look this ma Killing Spree Clikk, Cläkk, ma dirty Tschimtschimeni
N.O.T.B. 02:06
Snitches get stitches, know who that rat is Barkin' like a fckn dog cuz of that message Valley of Death outta bible passage Chopped Wood, Six Nails, another Casket Wrote my Necronomicon, n' close Gates Won a Shovel, Motherfucker post fame Secrets Buried deep in the Woods Exploited Snuff, literaly Pulp Pentagrams, White Lines, Neather-Gifts Pendelums, Clique Claque, Son of a Witch This is Elm Street, take care, better cuz Nightmares, dnt sleep, no matter whut IPN, too far away, from glorious Incredible, Prodigious, Notorious Dis my Movie, where the Titan rips ya Rest in Pieces, seen the entire Picture Greed kills the Pack, try to be dat Wolf Gettin' Smacked, U follow, I lead dat cult Bricks in Heaven, Demons get released Six Six Seven, Neighbors of dat Beast
R3▲CH 01:56
Still ctitique Me, live in the day Joy u neva had, now get erased U Call it Home, I call it golden Cage Wait for the Future and get replaced Live in times, where noone is save ya so fuckin' eloquent, welcome to elaborate Powder Issues, on Dinner Plates Fuck Cash, I bet it burns, Incinerate Neva walk alone, no matter the crisis Ovations for fallin, Laughs bout risin' Froze the Remedy, raise together Choose the Family, slay together Name on a Bullet, Rounds still gathering 99 Problems, n' Money ain't a Thing Shoeboxes, full of better Letterin' Cash just Paper, AR over Everything
L3FT 01:57
Dim Light, Malevolent Savages Insight, seen whut born in a casket is Like, none of u dumb will gather it while, triple S forbidden letters is Love lost, cold feel, Breath hold No Boss, Dis Real-Life Smash Bros Playin' witta Cage and a Cauldron Problems, I'm on my Way to solve em No Love, cuz I really mean Hate, One Shot, till ya fuckin' Team breaks Bury em all, Smash all ya Remakes Sellin Numbered Caskets on Releasedates Be realistic, Grantin ova Gainin And Cult like Family's, remainin Raw n' Rotten, Delay no Replay Ya'll be all forgotten... We stay
GON3 01:57
From romantic, over frantic, to sheer Panic While get thrown overboard, mid atlantic wit some weird Coordinates, somewhere in Latveria, Conglomerates Tortured by Bathory, Impaled by Vlad Diamonds in the Rough, Six Carat Crucified in the Desert, #BakedBrain Luciferized, Constalation #PainGang Was Good in causin pain, and Even Better bein' insane, and So far from a saint, and Better breakin' Chains, and Hell on Earth, P-M-A, meet the Reaper Knock Knock its Death, fortytwo fever Neados, It gets cold, no misperceivin' Religions R Placebos, so fuck believin' Alice and Mary are still a sick team Cloudy Nightmares, Triple-Six Dreams Celestial Dawn, Heaven's insane Light at Tunnels End, #IncomingTrain


While in Elysion, the Place he imagined whus a Gift from the Gods, The Incredible Tall realized it all was a simple Trick to keep him away from the World itself.
In a Place without any human Needs or Struggles, he decided to go back to his half human Form n' sacrifice all these Amenities, Elysion n' the Gods offered him. Not thinkin' a second too much he cut off his Wings n fall like a Titan to Earth.

Spotify: spoti.fi/2vVLQ96
Apple Music: apple.co/2nt6KJ6
iTunes: apple.co/2w0HC0a

Track A1 produced by KCVSVOY co-produced by Holger Gelatti
Track A2, A3, A4 & A5 produced by Mr. Backside
Track B1, B2, B3, B4 & B5 produced by KCVSVOY

Artwork by Hendrick Noack
Executive Production by Mr. Backside
Lyrics by The Incredible Tall
Recording & Scratches by Goersch

AR-066-CC // AR-066-DD


released June 6, 2016


all rights reserved



Amajin Records Siegen, Germany

Artist-Run Hip-Hop Label releasing limited Edition Cassettes, CDs & Vinyl since 2011

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