1. Rio De Soledad
    Alejandrito Argenal

  2. Hypothetical
    Odysseus Button

  3. PERU

  4. Backsides
    Mr. Backside

  5. Cadenas De Amargura
    Alejandrito Argenal

  6. East of Gravity / Left of Hell

  7. Tales From The Backside Vol.3
    Mr. Backside

  8. #Killah #Instrumentals

  9. Rest In Pieces Vol.5
    The Incredible Tall

  10. DEATH

  11. 551

  12. Zwei
    Mr. Backside

  13. MEXA
    Remo Virogha

  14. Bittersweet
    Go astray

  15. Loops of the Northern Moon

  16. Sampling Is Not Dead

  17. AR Beat Compilation Vol​.​6

  18. Tales From The Backside Vol.2
    Mr. Backside

  19. Something Personal, Something New
    The Dentist

  20. Overlord

  21. u n - e a r t h e d
    Saint James

  22. 834

  23. 30 Producers Deep Vol.2
    Drumboy Presents

  24. TBC Vol.1
    Amajin Records & Indelible Niche Collective

  25. Audioludizm

  26. I Heart Twitter
    Dusty Fingerz

  27. Backbeats
    Saint James

  28. Retox
    Mr. Backside

  29. AR Beat Compilation Vol.5

  30. Nuestro Agradecimiento
    Alejandrito Argenal

  31. Lost In The World
    Harmful Logic

  32. MrB
    Mr. Backside

  33. In Your Face Toy Vol.2
    Kryone X Harry Caine

  34. Drafted EP
    Odysseus Button

  35. Ninety Fly Edition

  36. Howie Wonder
    Howie Wonder

    Mr. Backside X evolv

  38. Mutating Mind Manure EP
    Doc Heller

  39. Pyramids EP
    The Essence

  40. AR Beat Compilation Vol​.​4

  41. Rest in Pieces (The Wonder Years)
    The Incredible Tall

  42. AR Beat Compilation Vol.3

  43. Rest in Pieces Vol.3
    The Incredible Tall

  44. Mr. Backside X Vimana Aircraft
    Mr. Backside X Vimana Aircraft

  45. Tales From The Backside Vol.1
    Mr. Backside

  46. The Incredible Tall X Mr. Backside
    The Incredible Tall X Mr. Backside

  47. AR Beat Compilation Vol.2

  48. Don't Care EP
    Mr. Backside

  49. AR Beat Compilation Vol.1

  50. KopfHoch EP
    Mr. Backside

  51. Rest in Pieces Vol.2
    The Incredible Tall

  52. Mr. Backside X The Incredible Tall
    Mr. Backside X The Incredible Tall


Amajin Records Siegen, Germany

We're an Indie-Label from Siegen, Germany
We release various Kinds of Music mostly Instrumental.

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